Kubara Lamina

KubaraLamina 2015Kubara Lamina manufactures qualified semiconductor devices as well as power diodes and thyristors for the Power area. In order to manufacture qualified semiconductor devices, Kubara Lamina uses different technologies, such as: photolithography, diffusion, soldering, chemical treatment, aluminum spraying and the assembly of final products.

Since its inception, Kubara Lamina S.A. has been closely cooperating with technical universities and research centers in order to carry out the research, development and implementation of projects.

Here you´ll find the latest product catalog: Kubara Lamina Product Catalog

Warranty: 1 yearKubara Lamina 743P1000761

Certifications & Approvals: ISO9001:2008, AQAP 2110:2009

Fields of Application: New Energy, Inverters, High Power Switching Units, High Power Rectifiers, Industrial Applications

Products:  Diodes, Thyristors, Modular blocks, Heat sinks, Isolated modules, rectifier bridges

For more information: http://www.kubara-lamina.com/en/start