IR / Infineon- Enhanced Radiation Hardened MOSFETs for Mission-Critical Space Applications

Logo_IRF-HiRel_4CIR / Infineon has launched its first radiation hardened MOSFETs based on the proprietary N-channel R9 technology platform. In comparison with previous technologies it has an improved size, weight and power, which is important for systems such as high-throughput satellites, where the cost-per-bit-ratio can be drastically reduced. The 100 V, 35 A MOSFETs are ideal for mission-critical applications which require an operating life of more than 15 years. Target applications include space-grade DC/DC converters, intermediate bus converters, motor controllers and other high speed switching designs.

The IRHNJ9A7130 and IRHNJ9A3130 are fully specified for TID (total ionizing dose) immunity to radiation of 100 kRads and 300 kRads respectively. The R DS(on) is characterized with 25 mΩ (typical), this means, it is 33 percent lower than the previous device generation. In combination with increased drain current capability (35 A vs. 22 A), this allows the MOSFETs to provide increased power density and reduced power losses in switching applications.

The MOSFETs have improved Single Event Effect (SEE) immunity and have been characterized for useful performance with Linear Energy Transfer (LET) up to 90 MeV/(mg/cm²). The new devices are packaged in a hermetically sealed, lightweight, surface mount ceramic package (SMD-0.5) measuring just 10.28 mm x 7.64 mm x 3.12 mm. They are also available in bare die form.

IRHNJ9A7130 - white3