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Here, you´ll find all important news about KAMAKA Electronic. This does not only include product information of our manufacturers, but also interesting industry news, exhibition notices, exhibition résumés, information about new manufacturers and everything else that could be helpful for you.

IR – Release of new R9, 60V, RadHard MOSFET


IR releases new R9, 60V, RadHard MOSFET. The 60V, size 3 (n-channel) device is now available in an SMD-0.5 and TO-257AA (low ohmic). IR HiRel R5 technology provides superior power MOSFETs for space applications. These devices have improved immunity to […]


Corfin – Component Preparation Services


Corfin Industries prevents catastrophic failure in mission and life critical systems by eliminating the risks of tin whiskers and gold embrittlement. They provide component preparation services to the defense, aerospace, medical, telecommunications, transportation, industrial, and other high reliability industries. Corfin […]


Sunlike – High Quality LCD Modules


Sunlike provides high-quality LCD Modules and offers Twisted Nematic (TN), Super-twisted Nematic (STN), Film Super Twisted Nematic (FSTN) and COB technology. Their products are used for industrial measuring instruments and control devices. Customized products are also available. Sunlike is known […]