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FastCAP Ultracapacitors Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries

fastcap 03-3

FastCAP Ultracapacitors replace Lithium-Ion Batteries. One of their Ultracapacitors is the Extreme Environment Ultracpacitor EE150-350: 150°C, 1.0V   Features and Benefits: Broad Operating Temperature -40°C to 150°C Shock & Vibration Resistant Hermetically Sealed Eco-Friendly Lightweight All-Aluminum Housing Weldable Aluminum Terminals […]


FastCAP – Advantages Over Other Ultracapacitors

fastcap 05-1

FastCAP is an internationally recognized leader in the development and commercialization of cutting-edge rugged Extreme Environment (EE) ultracapacitors – lithium free, high powered and rechargeable devices which operate at extreme temperatures, shock and vibration conditions in the oil & gas […]


Micropilot – Triple Redundant UAV Autopilot MP21283X

Micropilot triple redundant

Triple redundancy (3X) gives autopilot technology the reliability necessary to safely carry out sensitive flight missions and transport valuable payloads. A triple redundant arrangement is comprised of three similar software and hardware systems. If any one of the three systems […]