API – Implantable Medical Devices

API Logo_low_webWhen a world class manufacturer of medical implantable devices needed reliable inductors for a new product that would improve the lifestyles of patients suffering from debilitating neurological seizures, API Delevan was the perfect supplier to partner with. In an environment where failure is not an option, API Delevan’s long history of quality and reliability provided confidence that the high current, high inductance magnetics intended to be implanted into the human body could be achieved.

The API Delevan team successfully developed the ferro-magnetic coliforms and process controls to meet the customer’s stringent requirements that have resulted in more than 80,000 total device implants.API

Features & Benefits

Ideal for Medical Technology, Sensors and Security applications.

  • High Power density design and low-loss Ferrite Core technology provide very high Current & Power handling
  • Extreme Operating Temperature Range of –55 to +130 deg C for harsh work environments
  • Standard inductance values range from 0.10 μH to 2200 μH
  • Current Rating up to 5.25 Amps
  • Low DC Resistance (DCR) to minimize voltage drops and dissipated power (lost as heat) in DC-DC converter and DC biased circuit applications
  • Inductance tolerances of +/- 5% and +/- 10%, for highly sensitive circuit designs such as EMI line and RF filters, are standard offerings. Tighter tolerance requirements are available upon request