DATEL – 14-bit 125MHz Low Power Digital-to-Analog Converter

DatelInnovationDATEL, Inc.´s DAC-1412 series, a new line of Digital-to-Analog converters, are the best choice for all military, airborne, and aerospace applications that can utilize a low cost Commercial-Off-the Shelf (COTS) component such as the DAC-1412. The converters offer 14-bit resolution and are housed in 28-pin plastic TSSOP package. Each unit features no missing codes, ±1.5 LSB of Differential Non-Linearity, ±2.0 of Integral Non-Linearity and is 100 percent tested for performance across temperature ranges: -40 to +105°C; -55 to +125°C. The DAC-1412 requires only one supply voltage for operation; ranging from +2.7 to 5.25 Volts, and consumes only 30mA of supply current. It has a “sleep mode” feature that reduces power consumption only 20µA.

The DAC-1412 contains a precision internal 1.2V temperature-compensated bandgap voltage reference, or it can be used with an external reference option. It features an edge-triggered CMOS input latches and provides excellent dynamic performance with -75dB of Total Harmonic Distortion making it ideal for applications such as signal reconstruction, high-resolution imaging, cellular base stations, and medical/test instruments

For the more demanding and ruggedized application, DATEL also offers this family of products as fully screened high reliability DAC-1412-QL and DAC-1412/883 models. These two MIL-STD models are offered in a hermetically-sealed ceramic package to protect the IC from the effects of moisture/outgassing and to isolate the IC from the stresses that may occur on the printed circuit. Please contact DATEL for more information on these models.

    • 14-bit resolutionDatel - DAC-1412
    • 125MHz Samples per second
    • 35ns settling time to ±0.05%
    • Internal +1.2V temperature compensated bandgap reference
    • External reference option
    • 28-pin plastic TSSOP package (SE, SM models)
    • Operates from single +3.0 to +5.0V supply
    • Low power, 76mW (+3V supply), 150mW (5V supply)
    • 100% testing over temperature

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